Mattress Topper Classification – All Types of Topper

Mattress topper is a pad put above the mattress to improve the softness, the comfort and durability of your mattress. It is important bedroom furniture which supports your sleep and enhances your health.

Mattress topper is various in the market in diversified sizes, dimensions, materials, styles and prices. However, it is usually classified by materials. Mattress toppers come in plenty of material, of which are the most five common ones. They are memory foam, latex, wool, down feather and fiber.

Each of these materials covers the best features and functions of a mattress topper, but also has its own defects. To choose the best mattress topper, I think that we should at first have a basic knowledge about each type of mattress topper and know which type is best for your own needs. Now, let’s see what we have:

Memory foam mattress topper

luxury-memory-foam-mattress-topperWith the development of memory foam technology in making domestic uses, the memory foam mattress topper is the most popular material in mattress topper manufacturing. A memory foam mattress topper is very effective in adding softness and comfort for the mattress. It has ability in contour the body of sleepers, helping improve the circulation of blood on entire body and eliminate the pressure points including head, shoulder, hip, toe, etc.

Especially, a feature that makes memory foam more outstanding than other ones is its function in reducing the toss and turn from other sleepers at night, helping you not be awake at the middle of night because of the movement of your bed companion.

Besides, since the innovation of memory foam, a lot of additional material can be put in memory foam mattress topper. Almost all of them have therapeutic and aromatherapy providing function, such as aloe Vera, green tea, oil or activated charcoal. They will help sleeper gaining the deepest sleep and the most relaxing feeling while sleeping.

A memory mattress topper is a perfect replacement for a memory mattress. Because a memory mattress is very expensive and not many people are able to afford it, they completely can purchase a memory mattress topper with all the best benefit of a memory mattress but much cheaper.

However, many memory mattress toppers are heat trapper. It means they fail in releasing the body heat which cause sleeper overheat/feel hot during the night. And since it is made from polyurethane and some other chemicals, it usually has terrible odor when first package and takes few days to few weeks to disappear.

Feather mattress topper

Feather mattress topperFeather mattress topper (featherbed) is made from feather or down of goose or duck. The best feature of this type is its softening function. It is perfect for a firm mattress. Sleeping on a featherbed is like “on the cloud” because it is so fluffy, soft and super light in weight. Besides, it is also very great in regulating temperature. This material does not trap the heat, which help sleeper feel warm in winter and cool in hot summer.

Feather mattress topper is also pretty good in design. Its beautiful appearance will make your bedroom more luxurious and elegant.

However, featherbed has a lot of disadvantage that you should consider. Firstly, it requires fluffing/shaking frequently to remain its comfort. Secondly, it doesn’t support a lot in lessening the body pains because of its poor ability in pressure point relief. It also cannot minimize the tossing and turning of your bedmate. And it gets a lot of complaints about how its thin density.

Wool mattress topper

wool mattress topperWool mattress topper is another 100% natural product. And as you know, a natural-made mattress topper is always great in softening and regulating heat functions. Wool topper is very effective in enhancing the fluffiness for a solid mattress. And thanks to the softness of wool topper, sleepers can lessen their existing backache and enjoy a sound deep sleep at night.

The fiber in wool topper can absorb the moisture from environment or the sleeper (sweat), which help to keep the topper always dry and airy. That’s why sleepers can feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

Since wool is 100% organic and non-chemical material, a wool mattress topper is hypoallergenic and toxic-free smells. So that sleepers can be safe from any chemicals and feel comfortable when sleeping.

However, unlike memory foam and latex topper, wool topper is not good in reducing the motion transfer when sleepers have bed partner. And it also requires shaking to keep its loft and comfort.

Latex mattress topper

Latex mattress topper covers all the general benefits of a mattress topper, including adding comfort for the mattress; relieving the pressure points to reduce the muscle pains; regulating temperature which help cool down the body heat; etc.

The strongest advantages of latex topper are its great hypoallergenic quality and its long durability. Excepting for people having latex allergy, the 100% natural components of latex can be resistant to mold and mildew, which help to avoid any allergy. Besides, latex mattress topper has better longevity than other types. The lifespan of a latex topper can be up to 20 years, even 30 years. And moreover, since it is natural product, it is friendly to environment.

Latex mattress topper varies in different thickness and types which can provide users the softening level they want. Usually, the thicker the topper is, the softer it is. There are three main types of latex topper: natural, synthetic and blended (natural and synthetic combination). The 100% natural one is always the best quality in providing softness.

Latex mattress topper, especially the 100% natural latex, is generally expensive than other types. Their prices range between $130 and $700, while the average price for mattress topper is $230.

Fiber mattress topper

Fiber mattress topper (fiberbed) is similar as featherbed in some points. It is also a perfect solution in supporting softness for a firm mattress. It can reduce the pressure points very well. And it has no chemical odor and it also work as a hypoallergenic resistance. It can control the body heat and air flow. Especially, it is as light as cloud.

However, like featherbed, fiber topper need to be shook or fluffed regularly to maintain its comfort. A lot of owners report that it becomes lumpy after washing by machine. And it does not help to reduce the motion transfer of your partner.

However, the fiber mattress topper offers the lowest ranges of price among all the types. Its prices are from $40 to $125 which everyone can afford.


Each material of mattress topper provides its own benefits which suite every individual need. If you are intend to purchase a mattress topper, you should determine what type of material is matching with your personal need (including body condition, your mattress, the environment, etc.), along with price and sometimes brands. A good choice will play a very important role in improving your quality of sleep and also enhancing your health.

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The Importance of Cardio in your Exercise Regimen

It is no doubt that everybody longs to be healthy and stay like that. In this fast paced lifestyle where everyone seems to be spending lots of time rushing for deadlines and working overtime, it is a must to take care of yourself. Increased stress level is one of the main culprits for several heart conditions and ailments. Adopting a sensible diet coupled with a proper exercise program is one of the best ways to address stress. Achieving your ideal body weight and losing excess fat can also be achieved by doing exercises. Along with a proper resistance program, a sound cardiovascular exercise is very crucial for a healthy you.

The Importance of Cardio in your Exercise RegimenCardiovascular wellness should be the main component in your fitness regimen. First, as the term implies, this exercise is beneficial for the heart. It helps strengthens the heart muscles, therefore stabilizing one’s blood pressure level. It also increases the production of red blood cells, which are crucial for oxygen mobilization in the body. This exercise also improves our body’s blood circulation, resulting to a clearer skin.  Phlebotomy training classes would cover this kind of thing.

Secondly, it is the best way to lose excess body fat and helps you to attain a better shape. Muscles are the ones, which give shape to our body, but if the body is covered with fat, it would lead to an undesirable appearance. Consistent cardiovascular training speeds up your metabolism, resulting to more fat loss. Since obesity is a fast rising lifestyle related disease, balanced diet along with proper cardiovascular training can very well address this problem. Cardiovascular training increases your endurance, which is one of the components of physical fitness.

As with several other physical activities, cardiovascular workouts help the body release endorphins. These are called happy hormones, which are very vital for one’s positive disposition in life. These happy hormones contribute to a good mental state. It further helps one to deal better with stress thus creating a positive outlook in life.

Cardiovascular activities need not be boring; there is a range of fun activities aside from running that offers a sound cardiovascular workout. You can choose from biking, swimming, and aerobics. Be creative and explore the different types of cardiovascular workouts available so that you could have fun while staying in shape. If this is done in a consistent manner, the benefits are astounding. You do not need to spend a lot of money in order to be fit and healthy. Start right now and you would reap the rewards soon!

Tips: You should read the elliptical reviews 2015 to choose the best elliptical machine that can satisfy your needs and your goal.

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Pressure Canner: The Only Safe Way to Can

If you’re not living under a rock, you would’ve heard of pressure canners. They use steam at a very high pressure to clean your food of the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. But that’s not all, for the modern designs also double up as pressure cookers which may be used to cook a variety of items. Read on to know about these wonderful contraptions of the age of science. You’ll be surprised at the pressure canner reviews any long time user will give you.

pressure canner reviews
All American Pressure Canner 921

But doesn’t hot water do the job?
Well, not quite. It turns out that the bacteria with that twisted name mentioned above is a pretty tough one. It can happily enjoy a bath in the “hot” water that you put your food items into. That’s because it can easily survive the maximum temperature of 212 F that water can achieve before vaporizing away.
But in a pressure canner, there is no outlet for the steam to escape. So it keeps on building up, increasing the pressure inside. And through a little bit of magic of science, this high pressure elevates the boiling point of water. This means that the heat level inside crosses 240F, the point beyond which the evil bacterium does not survive. So you get to enjoy your delicious food, without any worries!

I heard that the acid in food kills the bacteria.
Oh yes it does, but only if there’s enough of it. Those mouth watering red meats and prawns as well as those delectable vegetables all are low in acid. They demand a high temperature treatment to get rid of the chances of Botulism toxicity. That makes a pressure canner your one and only option for canning these food items (include poultry too).

Correct way of using a pressure canner.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, said the old and wise. That stands true here too, as there are a few points that must be observed carefully else the purpose of the whole exercise shall be rendered defeated.

• Ensure that all jars to be placed in the canner are sealed tightly. Use the ring bands usually provided with the canner.
• Clean all parts of the canner thoroughly, especially the gasket, or else the steam may escape, negating the pressure build-up.
• The water level in the canner must be sufficiently high. If no instructions are available about the quantity of water to be used then fill 2-3 inches higher than the jars. Also, the jars may be stacked only if perforated separators are used.
• Once the steam starts building up, give at least 10 minutes for it to vent. This is necessary even for the self-venting type canners. This step is critical since even a small amount of air is left, the temperature may locally remain below the required threshold and some part of the food may still get contaminated later on.
• Once properly vented, you may put on the weight. But after this, it is needed to build the pressure up to the requisite level, as indicated by the recipe you are using. If a canner with pressure is being used, the instrument must be working accurately and this must have been checked beforehand.
• Once steamed, do not try to cool the canner using any external means like water. This will bring the temperature down rapidly and is not optimal for killing all the bacteria. Allow a 10-20 minute cooling period.
• Wash all the jars with water and label them prior to use.

Below is a short video on how to use pressure cooker (for the first time)

If you have followed all these tenets then your items would be perfect for consumption. Also, if you care to experiment with cooking then the canner can also be used as a pressure cooker. Many a recipes are available for that and they should be easy enough to find. The advantage of high pressure steam cooking is that it preserves the nutrients better while being quicker.

How to buy the best pressure canner?

That’s exciting. Now which one do I buy?
These days, flat cooktops are all the rage and it would make tremendous sense to buy a canner that can be used on them too. Also keep in mind that the thicker the base, the better the heat distribution. Several brands offer Aluminum based pressure canners so you have a variety to choose from, although the choice between weighted canners and the ones with a pressure gauge is a personal one.

Recommend: My advice for you is to check out  All American Pressure Canner 921 , this is the best pressure canner I know now. Visit this site to read more pressure cooker/canner reviews.

And with the advent of online shopping, you can always search for some pressure canner reviews on the internet before making the final decision.

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What is the best gift for your girlfriend in Christmas?

Gift for girlfriend in Christmas Day is always problem of men when Christmas is coming. Choosing a unique and meaningful gift is one of the most simple and effective way to show love and caring of the men to their girlfriend therefore it is definitely important. However, not all knows how to make the gifting in Christmas is perfect.

christmas gift for girlfriendEven people talk a lot through mouths, the Internet helps by spreading a lot of articles as hints and suggestions for gifting girlfriend, but what to get girlfriend for Christmas is still troublesome years by years, happens to all men in a lot areas of the globe.

Personal and handmade gift

With the personal gifts, you can print, engrave name of your girlfriend or emotional message on anything from simple gifts such as pen, cup or expensive gifts such as jewelry or wristwatch – completely do not set a limit to choose gift for girlfriend in Christmas day with this style.

A pet
Most of women usually like a pet such as a puppy or kitty. A cute puppy can also be perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend. This thing will make her happy and make her love you more every time she takes care of the pet from now on.

christmas gift for your girlfriend

Jewelry or Cosmetic

Jewelry is always perfect for women, especially for girlfriend in any occasion. Women always like jewelry as it can be used for long time and visible for love ceremony.  There is some classic jewelry which you can buy as Christmas gift for your girlfriend such as gold necklace, pearl necklace, silver earring or diamond ring. These gifts will ensure that you will not choose wrong gift because no women can hate jewelry.

On the other hand, gift related to makeup is also popular choice of many men to gift for girlfriend in Christmas Day. You can self-make cosmetic gift basket by buying the different cosmetics and packing them based on her hobby or you can buy cosmetic gift basket available at shop however a handmade gift will be more meaningful though.

Electronic device: good choice for hi-tech girlfriend

buy christmas gift for your girlfriendToday, electronic devices have become an indispensable part of human life.  It is an important part of modern life; hence you should also consider selecting an electronic device as Christmas gift for your girlfriend. Smartphone or laptop can be great choice because it is very necessary and useful to help for her job and daily life. Moreover, you can also choose the devices such as MP3 or tablet – these devices is also very useful to help for relaxing and entertainment.

Other suggestions

Picnic or travel: A picnic or travel to experience the new things of the world is also ideal gift for girlfriend in Christmas Day. If your girl likes outdoor activities then you can prepare the activities such as camping, riding a horse, climbing the mountain, rowing or other adventure activities. A holiday to experience new things together will be memorable moment with both.

Chocolate and candy is also a sweet gift for your girlfriend in Christmas Day as it is symbol of love and romance. In addition, you can combine chocolate and candy with a cute teddy, young girl like the cute teddies especially rabbit, baby bear or puppy.

You can

After all, be yours when choosing gift for your beloved and you can get success which can not be measured visibly but through her feel and love to you days and days after or even through the return Christmas gift she will give you. If that, why still be hesitate to take use of Christmas for your more sweet and closer love relationship.

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For Better Sleep – Why Don’t We Sleep Enough?

Baby is a Gift There are many reasons why so many people do not sleep well and do not get enough sleep for a productive, healthy and happy life. There is also a clear and growing trend that our sleep is getting worse and our average time asleep is reducing. In this section we look at a variety of factors that may contribute to this trend; it is recommended that you consider each of these in terms of your own personal situation and identify those areas that do or may apply to you.

Temporary or chronic sleep problems

There are effectively two different types of sleep problems, which can be described as either temporary or chronic. Temporary sleep problems, as the term suggests, are those that effect people on a temporary basis and for temporary reasons. For example, you may be going through a very difficult period at work with a lot of stress and issues to deal with, which then impacts on your sleep.

Other factors such as not eating properly, not exercising, drinking too much coffee etc., may all add to the main problem of overthinking and anxiety related to the work issues. This type of sleep disturbance is essentially a temporary problem with fairly clear reasons; if addressed correctly it can be resolved fairly quickly and should only ever be a temporary problem.

A chronic sleep problem is defined as one which persists for a much longer period of time and could be due to a number of different factors or indeed one ‘permanent’ issue. There can be a wide range of ‘permanent’ problems and types of chronic sleep issues, but for the individual it is usually considered an ongoing battle rather than a temporary problem.

Twenty-first-century lifestyle

why not sleep enoughtParticularly as technology continues to evolve we have at our disposal more and more gadgets that we use in our everyday lives. Many of these are beneficial and helpful and can add to our quality of life in terms of communication, information and entertainment. However, there are also downsides, which include the effect this modern twenty-first-century lifestyle has on our sleep.

For example, having access to and using our smartphones or tablets at night-time can be detrimental to our sleep both in terms of the light and its effect on our eyes and melatonin levels and also the fact that our minds don’t switch off easily when using these devices. In addition, we can be woken up by texts and calls etc. during the night if they are left on.

Also, throughout the day we are exposed to so much communication stimulation in the way of texts, emails, social media etc. and are constantly having to make decisions, meet deadlines, think about events, respond to questions, etc., that it can be difficult to switch off and properly relax. So much stimulation and our resulting fast-paced lives undoubtedly impact on our sleep, and unless these factors are addressed it is likely to get even worse.

Bed, mattress, pillows and sheets

wool mattress topperMake sure you don’t underestimate the importance of your bed, mattress, sheets and mattress topper as this can be a major cause of poor sleep. People will have different preferences when it comes to mattress types; whether they prefer a harder or softer mattress, for example. The size of the bed can also make a difference, particularly if it is too small.

The duvet size, the sheets, the blankets, the pillows etc., can all be factors too, whether that is because they are too big or too small, poorly fitting or not clean. Often people will go weeks or months without changing the sheets or duvet covers, and apart from the obvious problems with cleanliness this can also have an effect on your sleep and quality of sleep. Good sleep hygiene is important; it is all about keeping up good habits related to your bed and bedroom in any way that can affect your sleep.

‘Goodnight, sleep tight… don’t let the bed bugs bite!’


Many people struggle with general anxiety issues that are often a result of their own insecurities and this can lead to several problems, including sleep-related issues. If you are anxious, you tend to worry about many things and overthink a lot of situations, circumstances and events, which can be past, present or future. This general worry and overthinking is usually negative and non-productive, leading to further concerns and increased overthinking. It can become a vicious cycle and one that is hard to break out of.

The more insecure you are, the more likely you are to worry, overthink and suffer with general anxiety, and these insecurities can continue to build, which will only make the situation worse. Such insecurities could be a result of many factors over a long period of time and can often be traced back to childhood or particular events from the past. If they are not understood, worked on and addressed then the problems are likely to remain or get worse, and if this then affects sleep it will in turn potentially lead to further worries and issues.

If you then become worried about not sleeping, anxious that you are not sleeping enough, or go to bed concerned that you will not sleep, then it is likely you will indeed have a poor night’s sleep. Then if you are tired as a result you will tend to be in a more negative state of mind, which will only add to the general anxiety.

‘Dear Mind, please stop thinking so much at night. I need sleep!’

Specific worry issue

Although millions of people will suffer with general anxiety, the majority of people will not, and therefore this factor isn’t of too much concern for them. However, pretty much everybody from time to time will have a specific worry issue. It could be anything, for any reason and at any time. Perhaps it is a work-related issue, a relationship problem, a financial concern or a health worry.

worry issueIf you go to bed and you have a specific worry issue then it can often be very difficult to remove this, ignore it or think of something more positive. You can find yourself restless, unable to think about anything else and, of course, getting a bad night’s sleep. Nearly everyone can relate to this and it can be incredibly frustrating because you know you shouldn’t be thinking about it and you know that it will impact on your sleep, yet no matter how hard you try you cannot help but worry about the issue.

It may be for only one night, which hopefully won’t be too damaging or cause too many knock-on issues, but sometimes the specific worry issue will go on for days or even weeks. Then there are much more damaging consequential effects. Apart from the direct lack of sleep you may become, for example, grouchier, even more lethargic, short-tempered, your diet may get worse, you may stop exercising or you may become physically ill. None of these will help with your sleep and before you know it the sleep issue has become more of a problem than the initial specific worry issue.

Weight issues

Your weight and size can have an impact on how well you sleep, for several reasons. Extra weight can cause snoring and sleep apnoea, which can then affect your sleep (and your partner’s). With weight gain, your body deposits excess fat wherever it can, including the lining of your throat, so your breathing passages get narrower and narrower, making you more likely to snore.

Additionally, being overweight or obese can lead to more physical pain, like joint, muscle and back pain, which may well disturb sleep patterns. You may also sweat more at night and feel hot, which can affect sleep. Overweight people are more likely to feel tired, and do less physical activity as a result, so although they will feel tired their body has not been active enough to induce proper sleep.

Being overweight may also affect your confidence and self-esteem and contribute towards anxiety and depression, which will then impact on your sleep. You are more likely to have an unhealthy diet that adds to the issues and of course, this cycle can develop in a negative way, whereby poor sleep leads to less activity, unhealthy eating, lowering of mood and then poor sleep again. One of the best ways to improve sleep if you are overweight is to focus on reducing your weight through more exercise and improved healthy eating. The improved sleep will, in turn, help towards increased activity, improved mood and healthier eating.

Physical pain and injuries

It can be very difficult to sleep if you have any form of physical pain or injury and although it may be for only one or two nights for some, it can be for a prolonged period of time for others. It could also be related to an injury even though the pain may not be a factor; for example, you may have broken your leg or arm and be in a cast, which causes you problems sleeping.

While writing this book I was stung by a wasp, and for about three nights in a row I struggled to sleep as a result of the itching and pain from the wasp sting. So it could even be something like that which causes sleep issues and although only temporary it can still be very frustrating and have negative knock-on effects in your life.

Some people, though, will live in constant pain or go weeks on end with a painful injury or physical condition that causes pain and consequently impacts heavily on their sleep and ability to sleep well.

Food and drink

What you eat and drink can have a big effect on your sleep, especially the nearer to bedtime you consume these. Not everyone is the same and different foods and drinks will affect people to varying degrees, but it is likely that your sleep will be affected in some way as a result of your food and drink consumption.

food and drinkIt is quite likely your sleep will be interrupted by needing the toilet during the night if you drink anything close to bedtime. So be sensible with how much fluid( s) you consume as you near bedtime and ensure you go to the toilet just before you go to sleep if you can. Also, as previously mentioned, be aware of any foods and drinks that contain caffeine as this stimulant is likely to impair your ability to get to sleep. Some foods will be much harder for your stomach to digest than others, too. It is not recommended you eat much close to bedtime and certainly not any big meals.

Additionally, good sleep can help you eat better and more healthily as it increases your production of the digestive hormone leptin, which helps prevent you eating too much, and sleep also causes a decrease in the production of the digestive hormone ghrelin, which boosts appetite. So a good night’s sleep decreases your hunger and you are less likely to eat the unhealthy foods you may crave when you don’t sleep well.

…and some more small issues.



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